How It Works

We harnessed the power of the strongest magnets on Earth to create an easy to use storage system with an instant, air tight seal and has no lids to mess with!

The best part? These systems can attach directly to the underside of almost any shelf or cabinet, doubling your existing storage space! Instantly creating needed storage space by taking advantage of the unused spaces under any shelf.

An airtight magnetic rim means no more fumbling with lids or worrying about dust getting into open-face jars, you’ll have plenty of space to store things.

The Vascito system lets you open and close jars 10X faster than ordinary screw-on lids! Takes less than a second - just grab it and slide, like magic, they automatically seal every time! Let the containers do the work for you, saving you so much time and frustration!

No more unscrewing and screwing or zipping of bags and being unsure if they are really sealed tight.

Turn your Wasted Space into your Favorite Space!

We instantly create new storage under shelf, perfect for a small kitchen or condo or RV. All this in a smart, compact design perfect for storing your favorite spices and salts in a new modern way!
Remarkably different, our storage systems actually maximize your storage space. Just like there are two sides to a coin, shelves also have two sides, and now you can use both.
Save time by having what you need conveniently organized right where you need it.

These are really simple to install and use, totally hassle-free. Crafted from premium and luxurious materials, it is robustly built to be Life Proof and withstand all the bumps and bangs that come with everyday use.
The automatic air tight jars are made from premium BPA-free plastic and are designed to hang strong.