Good for the Earth - Good for You!

One of the main reasons we founded Vascito was because we wanted to make products that are good for the people that use them and good for the planet we live on.  Making our containers beautiful, robust, and reusable - reducing the amount of throw away plastic containers used every day.

A simple statement to make, yet a hard principle to stand by.

We had to become super sleuths to search out not only the materials but then had to find suppliers in the USA because another core principle at Vascito is to not only make our products here in America but to source as many of our materials from the USA as possible.

Just a few of the standards we required for all of our products were: Earth-friendly all-natural finishes that are safe for food contact for all wood; BPA free plastic that is the same size and shape as the glass containers; the rim assembly is dishwasher safe and FDA approved for food contact.

Our belief that plastic is permanent and we need to reduce waste is one of our founding principles.  We made our products to last many years and to be used for generations.  We have been told by many that this is not a good business model - that you should design things to be thrown away so that people have to buy more.  This is “planned obsolescence” and while it is good for increasing profit, it is not good for the planet.  Some of you may recall the movie “The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars” 

Even when we think we are doing the right thing and put items into the Recycle Bin, the majority of those items are put into the landfill for various reasons - an incredible 91% of plastic isn't recycled according to a 2017 study by National Geographic and Great Britain's Royal Statistical Society.

We are on a secret mission to eliminate disposable containers from our planet by crafting beautifully designed products that are built to last, inspire creativity, and make storing everyday items fun again! So help spread the word and be someone's hero. Come join our mission, the excitement is building!  

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