Installation Instructions for Wall Hung Units

Installation Instructions

Please read the instructions completely before proceeding. Questions? We are always here to help. Visit for informative videos and FAQs or email us at or visit our chatbot at 

The recommended height from top of our unit to the floor is 60 inches. You may want to use a different height to allow room for leashes, long coats, or other special items.

Pro Tip -  If you are unsure of the height, use a piece of the packaging we supplied and temporarily tape it on the wall, step back and take a look. Use extra caution if there are electrical wires, plumbing pipes etc. in the wall behind your mounting location.   

  1. Place the unit on the wall and approximate the location. Make sure the unit on the wall is level.  If possible, locate a stud for at least one of the holes (Studs offer extra strength).
    Only use the screw in studs, save the high quality anchor for another project, such as hanging a picture of your dog 
  2. With the unit on the wall, use a pencil to lightly trace the outline of the 3 holes on the wall.
  3. Pro Tip - Using a #2 Philips head screwdriver, center the tip over one of the holes and tap until the tip pierces the drywall. Do this for all 3 holes. This will help to center the anchors precisely.
  4. Set the anchors, be sure to follow the instruction in figure 1. There is a trick to these anchors.  Listen for the “click” 
  5. With anchors securely attached remove the three screws from the anchors. Pro Tip - If you're using a cordless drill use caution, the screws may become hot to the touch if backed out fast.   
  6. Place the unit back up on the wall, align the screws to the anchor and tighten them until each is just a little loose. With all three screws in, tighten them up with a hand screwdriver until snug. (Do not over tighten). Transferred  E-Z Ancor® Limited Warranty