Refined Design

Vascito products are designed to make life easier, so we can do the things that need to be done quicker and have more “me” time.  We blew the lids off of storage, giving you quick and easy access to the contents, but still keeping everything sealed airtight.  All with the goal to reduce clutter and reduce waste.  Our patent-pending method of storage will rock your world and simplify your life.  No lids, No problems! 


You'll be amazed every time you feel the seal.  Imagine, instantly creating an airtight seal on your jars with no lids to get in your way! Here's to having fresh coffee each morning, wide-open spice jars that fit big spoons or fingers, and to making laundry less of a chore. Get things done quicker and create more “me” time. 

Our Slide to Seal system is a great example of biomimicry, inspired by the natural flow of using just one hand to pick hanging fruit off the vine.  When containers are stored on the underside of shelves they are naturally cleaner and dust-free. Everything we do at Vascito is intentional and with purpose, from how we designed the products to how we designed the company. Proudly developed and made in the USA.


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