A Better Way

As a custom design home builder with 25 years of experience, the one thing that customers always asked for was more storage space and better flow to their living environments without moving any walls or building a new space!
To solve their storage problems we often had to install new cabinets, open shelving units with custom built-ins to fit a specific need, which all cost a lot of money!  Looking back, we helped create a more organized space, but we never really gave our customers more usable space, it was just updated and nicer.


A few years back, we took a deep dive into the world of international housewares and realized that nothing has really changed in over 70 years!  We buy storage containers, put stuff in them, and set them on the counter.  Our countertops are clean, yet cluttered - so we buy different containers.   Until Now!

I began looking at how we store everyday items, questioning how, where and why we store items the way we do. What limits us? Looking at how we combine and use items as one system no matter what the space is we are working in.  The discoveries we made were amazing!  And now we are offering you a great product line that helps make your system smarter and faster than ever before! 



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