Making Sustainability Fun!


Sustainability can be Fun!

“Make sustainability fun” is one of our mantras here at Vascito.  We believe that most people want to do their part to reduce waste and help save the planet, but it needs to be fun and easy to incorporate into our daily routine.  Making beautiful storage systems for you to use in your home to not only store the things you use every day, but to show off the things you love will hopefully make it easier to buy products that are packaged eco-friendly. This will reduce our reliance on throw-away plastic jars and is one way we are making sustainability fun.  

Another way we plan to be even more sustainable as we grow is how we choose to use limb wood and other wood that is typically discarded by the industry for the majority of our products. Limb wood has more character and beauty in its grain and is not typically upcycled to its fullest potential as it is usually left behind on the forest floor to rot. It seemed very wasteful as well as disruptive to the natural ecosystem to leave such large piles. We are working with local timber and tree clearing companies to reclaim this limb wood and use our natural resources more responsibly. 


What goes into a Vascito Product

We did a lot of research to find coatings for the metal that are FDA approved for food contact because we wanted to be 100% sure that they were safe for you and your family.  Other brands on the market do not tell you what coatings they use - so how do you know what is touching your food?

We believe that plastic is permanent and only use non-BPA, high-quality and time-tested materials. The plastics industry is always creating new materials and new compounds that frequently have off-gassing or contamination issues a few years down the road.  That is why we have chosen to only use high-quality plastics that will last for many years, and have been proven safe over the years. 


We hand select the finest natural and time-tested materials, then couple them with safe FDA-approved finishes. From sustainably harvested hardwoods naturally finished with beeswax & oil to BPA-free containers.  Yes, doing things this way cost more, but we care about our customers, both two-legged and four, those that can swim and more and we think it’s worth it. Most of the metal that we use to create our robust products are made from 12 gauge steel, that 1/8th of an inch thick.  That means the product you purchase is built to last and will exceed your expectations on durability. 

Why Should I Care?

Everything we do is geared toward making a product that will give you years of enjoyment and integrate seamlessly into your daily routine. To eliminate stress caused by clutter and disorganization and reduce the amount of plastics going into our landfills every day.

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