Making Sustainability Fun!


Hey there, let me introduce you to Vascito's founder - Brian! He's not your regular guy who stumbled upon the idea of sustainability. No, no, no! He realized that sustainability can be fun and stylish (yes, you heard it right!) So, he created Vascito - a company that makes beautiful storage systems that are eco-friendly, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

But hold on, that's not all! Vascito is committed to using natural resources responsibly. They partnered with local timber and tree-clearing companies to reclaim limb wood that is typically discarded by the industry. This wood has unique character and beauty in its grain, making sustainability even more fun.

Vascito is also very picky about the materials they use. They hand-select the finest natural and time-tested materials and use safe FDA-approved finishes that are 100% safe for customers' families. They even went the extra mile to find coatings for the metal that are FDA-approved for food contact. Talk about commitment to safety and quality!

By using Vascito's sustainable products, you can eliminate clutter and disorganization in your home while reducing the amount of plastic waste in landfills. And guess what? Vascito's products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, giving you years of joy and practicality. Plus, they look stunning! Who said sustainability can't be stylish?

So, what are you waiting for? Join Brian and the Vascito team in their fun and sustainable mission.

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